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About Our Dayton Dental Practice - Jonson Dental Care

Dr. George Jonson has proudly served the dental needs of his community for over 30 years. He continues a legacy of excellent dentistry by maintaining a personal approach to care and a perfectionist attitude to his own dental skills. The office of George P. Jonson, DDS serves Dayton, Kettering, and the surrounding communities.

A History of Quality Dental Service

Dr. George Jonson’s practice was originally run by his father, another highly skilled dentist who provided general dentistry to the Dayton community for over twenty years. Underneath these two doctors combined, our dental practice has served our community for over fifty years. Additionally, each member of our staff has over thirty years of experience in dentistry as well.

Now, as the home of George P. Jonson, DDS, our practice continues to provide excellent dental services to our patients.

Addressing Patient Concerns

Our patients have a right to know how the procedures they will receive will best help them get the smiles they deserve; the safety and trust of our patients is paramount. For some patients, this knowledge is crucial to their ability to relax and have a positive dental experience.

Our Dayton dentist understands the importance of addressing these concerns. To help you prepare for procedures like guided dental implant placement, Dr. Jonson takes the time to answer all questions you may have. He explains the details of the procedures he recommends procedures and why they may be necessary for your oral health. Just as importantly, Dr. Jonson does so with complete respect for you and your needs. All questions about your oral health are good questions, and we want to encourage you to ask them.

Quality of Dental Work

Our dentist provides his patients with excellent work in our general, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry procedures. We want our patients to experience the best possible service from us.

To help ensure the quality of our work, our Dayton dentist takes significant amounts of continuing education courses throughout the year, even above the minimal required amounts. Some of this education has enabled Dr. Jonson to travel to different places in the world and observe experts in different aspects of dentistry. All of this education has lead our Dayton dentist to develop a thorough understanding of each dental procedure we provide.

Additionally, Dr. Jonson is involved in several dental affiliations, including the International Dental Implant Association, Roots Summit International Endodontic Association, and other professional dental societies that help their members maintain an excellence in dental service.

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George P. Jonson, DDS serves Dayton, Kettering, and the surrounding communities with customized, high-quality dental procedures. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today!