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Oral Surgery in Kettering by Dr. George P. Jonson, DDS

Looking for an experienced oral surgeon in the Kettering area? The services of George P. Jonson, DDS extend beyond routine cleanings and fillings. The full-service office performs oral surgery on patients with more complex dental problems.

What Types of Oral Surgery Might I Need?

Dental implant placement:

Dental Implants are permanent solutions for missing teeth. They are used to replace teeth that are severely damaged, decayed, or already missing. They also help to secure bridges and dentures in place. The procedure is most often completed in two stages. The first stage is when Dr. Jonson surgically places the implant into the jawbone. The area is left to heal for a few months to give the jawbone time to integrate around the implant. Unless there is a complication in this process, the surgical piece of the procedure is over. During the 

oral surgery in Kettering

second visit, the artificial tooth is secured to a post the fits into the implant. The entire procedure is done in office while the patient remains fully conscious. 

To prepare a patient for implant surgery, some patients require a sinus lift. This is when the floor of a patient's sinuses is too close to where the implant needs to go. This preliminary surgery is performed can also be performed by Dr. Jonson. 


Tooth Extractions are another surgical procedure performed by George P. Jonson, DDS. In most cases, our Kettering dentist will always try to preserve the original tooth however, extractions are the best option in certain cases. Below are a few situations that require surgical tooth extractions:

Wisdom teeth that are impacted or have limited space creating trouble for adjacent teeth

Severely damaged teeth caused by extreme decay, root problems or trauma to the mouth 

Primary teeth that create barriers for secondary teeth to push through

In coordination with orthodontic treatment plans

Don’t put off oral surgery any longer

We offer sedation options for patient feeling anxious about oral surgery or any dental procedure. If you live or work in the Kettering, OH area, don’t put off a need for oral surgery any longer and contact us today