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Dental Implants in Dayton, OH

Getting dental implants in Kettering has become the most preferred treatment plan when missing teeth. If left alone, empty spaces where teeth were will begin to affect the placement of adjacent teeth and overall facial structure. What was once only corrected by dentures or bridges is now treated with a more permanent and healthy solution. Dayton implant dentist, George P. Jonson, DDS has extensive experience treating this innovative solution. 

Will Dental Implants work for me?implant dentistry Dayton OH

During a consultation, all options are discussed with the patient. Together with Dr. Jonson the patient will decide if dental implants are their preferred treatment. Dental Implants will:

Fill in gaps created by missing teeth

Prevent painful shifting of adjacent teeth

Correct speech and chewing problems created by missing teeth

Help maintain natural facial structure

Become a fixture for permanent bridges and dentures

Boost confidence through a restored natural smile

Full Service Kettering Dentist Specializing in Dental Implants

The office of George P. Jonson, DDS has some of the most advanced dental implant technology available. Dr. Jonson uses computer guided surgery and 3-D Cone Beam imaging to ensure a precise placement of the dental implant. The office also is able to place mini implants for denture stabilization. Dr. Jonson uses bicon® and Zimmer dental implant products to give patients the best materials possible.

Schedule your dental implant consultation  

A consultation is the best place to start. Call the office of George P. Jonson, DDS in Kettering, OH and make an appointment to discuss your options and the cost of dental implants with Dr. Jonson. Call today to see what dental implants can do for you!